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  • ​How to Boost Sales By Adding Impact
  • ​The Content Strategy For Daily Shirt Sales
  • The Process of Starting an Apparel Brand
  • ​How to Build Community Around Your Brand
  • Ecom, Screen-Print, Print on Demand, Dropshipping
  • ​Resources to Help Jumpstart Your Apparel Business
  • ​Suppliers For Design, Equipment, and Outsourcing.

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T-Shirt Game Unlocke

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12 T-Shirt Modules

From getting started, to learning the different business, to business funding. This course has it all!

75 Apparel Brand LESSONS

The video curriculum is walk through mentorship on how to win in the apparel business by building a true brand.


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Getting into the t-shirt business is exciting, but can scary at the same time. There is so much different types of equipment to choose from.

You know that you are creative and have good ideas for designs. You ready to get the ball rolling on your business and start to look for the piece of equipment that will help you produce your products for your 
e-commerce site or for your B2B/B2C clients. 

You start to see how expensive some of the equipment is and you are not sure which equipment is right for you. You don't want to make the wrong decision and you definitely don't want to spend a lot of unneeded money either.

No worries..... That is why I create T-Shirt Game Unlocked. This video curriculum will go in depth about each piece of equipment to help you make the best decision for your business.

Want to Know EXACTLY Whats Inside The

Check Out The Entire Course Curriculum... You Will Get Instant Access

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📝 Module #1: Let's Get Started

Today Is The Day To Finally Get Your Brand Started

Discover pro-tips to unlocking your business from the ground up.

In module 1, I will help you to unlock fears and distractions that have been holding you back. We are going to your business from and Idea to a legal business entity that is operating successfully and generating you a positive cash flow. We will also complete a signature of commitment to ensure you push yourself to the next level of success.

Lesson 1.1

How Tony got started in the apparel business.

Lesson 1.2

Planning and Research For Your Apparel Business.

Lesson 1.3

How to Name Your Apparel Business.

Lesson 1.4

Words of Affirmation and Your Signature of Commitment.


There are many different ways to slice the pie in the apparel business, what's your way?

Discover the business model that works for your lifestyle.

In module 2, we will be breaking down all the most popular business models in the apparel industry. Each one of us has different wants and needs in our lifestyle. It is important to define how much time you can commit to this business and what are your goals. Once we discover your life criteria, you will know which apparel business model works best for you.

Lesson 2.1

Print on Demand Apparel Service

Lesson 2.2

Contract Screen-Printing

Lesson 2.3

B2B Screen-Printing
(Business to Business)

Lesson 2.4

Vinyl Business

Lesson 2.5

Direct to Garment Printing

Lesson 2.6

Ecommerce - Shopify

Lesson 2.7


Lesson 2.8

Dropshipping with Shopify and Oberlo

💡 MODULE #3: Starting Your Brand

The core fundamentals that ever business needs in order to be searchable.

Learn core necessities to getting your business in front of customers. 

When starting your business it is extremely important for customers to be able to search and find your business regardless of what platform they are using: Yelp, Instagram, Facebook, etc. 

It is also even more important that your current, potential and future customers receive a professional first impression when they interact with your business. In module 3, I will be teaching how to professionally setup your business so you look like a vet.

Lesson 3.1

How to Get Your Logo Designed Quickly and Professionaly

Lesson 3.2

Purchasing Your Web Domain

Lesson 3.3

Building Your Website

Lesson 3.4

Creating a Business Email For Your Brand

Lesson 3.5

Adding Your Business to Google Search

Lesson 3.6

Adding Your Business to Yelp

Lesson 3.7

Creating Your Business Facebook Page

Lesson 3.8

Converting Your IG From Personal to Business Account.


Let's discuss how to get your blank garments and finished products for the best price.

Discover how to source products locally and overseas.

In module 4, we will discuss how to order your blank t-shirts at wholesale prices. We will also be talking about sourcing products from overseas with Hustle Ninja's own Rich Khun. 

In addition we have invited Support Black Colleges, CO-CEO, Justin Phillips for an exclusive interview to discuss the importance of brand building to build long term trust for your business. Lastly, we also secured an exclusive interview from the co-owner of the multi-million dollar streetwear brand Tulones, discussing the pros of purchasing inventory upfront vs print on demand inventory.

Lesson 4.1

Blank T-Shirts from Wholesale Distributors

Lesson 4.2

Sourcing Apparel from Alibaba / Aliexpress ft. Hustle Ninja's Rich Khun

Lesson 4.3

Importance of Brand Building ft Support Black Colleges Justin Phillips

Lesson 4.4

Purchasing Inventory vs Print on Demand ft. Tulones' Benji


Industry standard design softwares from beginner to pro-level

Discover how to create your own designs like the pros.

In module 5, I will be going over industry standard design softwares that I personally use in my business. In these lessons I will walk you through how I create t-shirt designs for my brand using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. 

Not ready for Adobe softwares? No problem, we will also be covering a FREE easy to use online software Canva that makes designing content a breeze. Lastly, if none of those are for you, we will be covering my go to online resource to outsource design work and other needs.

Lesson 5.1

Adobe Photoshop

Lesson 5.2

Adobe illustrator
 (vector Based Graphic)

Lesson 5.3

Canva - Graphic Design

Lesson 5.4

Outsourcing Your Apparel Designs.

📸 MODULE #6: Product Photography

How to shoot or obtain professional photos for your apparel brand.

Discover how to get professional product photos like the pros.

In module 6, we will discuss several ways to get the professional photos that you see on the big websites that you and millions of other shoppers shop daily. Having professional photos is extremely important because it will brand build trust for new customers and give professional first impressions when new customers discover your brand.

Whether you have professional equipment or an iPhone this module will teach you how to make your website look a major eCommerce player.

Lesson 6.1

Product Mockups

Lesson 6.2

Professional DIY Product Shots

Lesson 6.3

Product Photography with an iPhone

⚙️ Module #7: Printing Equipment & Methods.

In-depth walkthrough videos reviewing different types of printing equipment 

Discover which printing equipment works best for you!

In module 7, we will be discussing the many types of equipment used in the printing industry. This module is very important because it will show you what equipment works best for your business. It may even save you $thousands of dollars by not purchasing the wrong equipment. Many people make the mistake of buying what they think is right, but there are several key factors in making the decision.

Before purchasing printing equipment we need to figure out how many shirts do you plan to print daily, are you printing stock or one off designs, your budget, and how much space you have to house your equipent.

Lesson 7.1

Manual Screen-Presses

Lesson 7.2

Commercial Automatic Screen-Presses

Lesson 7.3

Entry Level Automatic Screen Press

Lesson 7.4

DTG Machines
(Direct to Garment Printer)

Lesson 7.5

Heat Presses

Lesson 7.6

Vinyl Cutting Machines

Lesson 7.7

Heat Transfers

Lesson 7.8

Process of making screens for screen-printing

Lesson 7.9

Heat Pressing Embroidered Patches

Lesson 7.10

Single + Multi Heads

Lesson 7.11

Supply Shops and Equipment

Lesson 7.12

T-Shirt Folding Machines

📦 Module #8: Shipping and Packaging

Everything you need to make shipping packages online fun and easy!

Discover how to ship hundreds of packages without stress.

Shipping is one of the major functions to any online / eCommerce business. I see many new online stores printing labels off from their home printer or wasting time and gas driving to the post office and standing in line. In module 8, I will be breaking down how to make this part of your life and business much simpler and stress-free. 

We will also be discussing the proper shipping and equipment and supplier you need for shipping your packages. In this module, included is the list of products I use daily in my business.

Lesson 8.1

Best Software For Shipping Orders at Scale

Lesson 8.2

Thermal Label Printers

Lesson 8.3

Shipping Supplies

Lesson 8.4

Setting Up Your Account

🚀 Module #9: Marketing

How to add strategy to your online advertising tactics.

Discover pro-tips of how to get customers to engage with your content.

In module 9, we will discuss how to create engaging content that others want to share. Many new business understand the importance of posting online, but do not realize the importance of creating content that stands out. 

In order to make this module extremely valuable I secured two exclusive interviews from multi-million dollar Support Black Colleges Co-CEO, Corey Arvinger to break down influencer marketing and how to leverage instagram with collaborations and paid shoutouts. 

We will also go over how to scheduling your content so it doesn't take too much time out of your busy week.

Lesson 9.1

Creating Shareable Content

Lesson 9.2

Influencer Marketing Ft. Support Black Colleges Corey Arvinger

Lesson 9.3

Scheduling Instagram & Facebook Posts.


Collabs and Paid Instagram Shoutouts Ft. Support Black Colleges Corey Arvinger

📈 MODULE 10: Online Advertising

Learn the foundation and pro-tips for success online advertising

Discover how to advertise your apparel business.

In module 10, I will be teaching you how to setup your Facebook ad account, research winning Facebook and Instagram ads. I will also show you how to ethically spy on your competitors advertisements. We also will be covering email marketing in this module as well as how to create ads in bulk quickly while split testing interests.

Lesson 10.1

Facebook Ads Setup

Lesson 10.2

Building Facebook / Instagram Ads for Ecommerce

Lesson 10.3

Software for Bulk Ad Creation & Interest Split Testing

Lesson 10.4

How to Research Competitors Ads 

Lesson 10.5


Lesson 10.6

Automated Email Flows and Segmenting Your Customer List

🧑🏽‍💻 MODULE 11: Business Processes and Software

Softwares and Online resources to make life easier in your business. 

Discover proven resources to increase vital areas of your business.

In module 11 I will be teaching you how to build business credit and establish NET 30 credit lines. NET30 will help you offset payments for 30 days to vendors. I will also be teaching you proven softwares for invoicing, work orders for production, and lastly the best software for ecommerce customer service. 

Lesson 11.1

Why Processes Are Mandatory

Lesson 11.2

Print Shop Invoicing, Work Order and Production Management

Lesson 11.3

Net 30 with Vendors to maintain Cashflow

Lesson 11.4

T-shirt millionaires app.

Lesson 11.5 Color Seperation Software

Lesson 11.6

Best Customer Service Software for Shopify

💰 MODULE 12:  Financing and Accounting

How to not operate in the blind with your business finances.

Discover how to secure start up funding and keep your books organized.

In This module we will cover several ways a start-up or small business can secure funding and working capital to help launch your business or purchase inventory. These are resources I have personally used in my business. In addition I will show you a hands off approach to keep your business's books in order and tax ready.

Lesson 12.1

Shopify Capital

Lesson 12.2

Personal Loans to Fund Startup Part 1

Lesson 12.3

Personal Loans to Fund Startup Part 2

Lesson 12.4

Payability Shopify App

Lesson 12.5

MCA's - Merchant Cash Advances

Lesson 12.6

Automate Your Business Bookkeeping

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Upon your enrollment into the T-Shirt Game Unlocked community you will be given access to the growing community of members in 
T-Shirt Game Unlocked Connect. The community lives in an online portal where we speak about all things dealing with the t-shirt business.

In The Curriculum We Will Discuss Multiple Areas of Your Process That In Fact Should Be Making You Money!

Myths & Roadblocks:

Is The T-Shirt Industry Is Oversaturated?
The tshirt printing business will always be lucrative. WIth enough creativity and the right tools, you can have a booming business soon enough.

According to Grand View Research, the global custom T-shirt printing industry was valued at 3.64 billion USD in 2020. It'll potentially expand at a compound annual growth rate of 9.7% from 2021 to 2028.
I don't have enough money to get started?
Remember this: Nobody had enough capital when they first started their business and only a very few lucked into angel investors. When you make a plan of attack to quit your current job, it should include sacrifice and saving as much as possible.

In the course, I explain several ways to secure start-up capital to get your business operating.
My credit isn't good enough to get the start-up capital!
No problem, in the curriculum I explain several ways to build an online eCommerce store with under $125. The loan options referenced in the curriculum require only a 600 credit score to get started as well.
I'm not that creative, and do not know how to design clothes.
No problem, in the curriculum I teach how to outsource your designs on budget and receive professional graphics in print ready formats. I also teach how to take those designs and put them on professional mock ups and make your site look professional like the million dollar companies.  I also go over how to build your shopify store from scratch with free themes.

You got questions? We have answers.

Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions

Do I Get Instant Access to Curriculum?
Yes, after your successful purchase you will receive an email from Teachable with login credentials to access the T-Shirt Game Unlocked video curriculum.
Who Is this curriculum designer for?
This is in depth curriculum that is made for anyone looking to get started in the t-shirt business and people looking to add different elements to the current apparel business.
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